Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, February 10, 2011

Man is born to live and not to prepare to live.

Boris Pasternack, author, born on this date, 1890

Have you noticed, at least in the Western so-called developed World, that the time it takes to even approach being “prepared” to live takes longer and longer – including among the poor, whom the more wealthy placate with welfare so they can feel less guilty?? I have friends all over who are still living with their parents at age 30 or more. And friends whose children aren’t getting out of university until their 30s ….. AND being a hundred thousand or more in debt! Granted, we are living longer. But soon you won’t be able to retire and enjoy some leisure [ what a concept!] until 80 or so.

Christianity (and other religions) has followed the same pattern. In my opinion, it has for centuries upon centuries loaded people with rules to follow and “spiritual practices” to perform … all to get us ready, to be prepared, to live - and the time for preparation has gotten so long for God’s sake that we’ve practically had to skip this Life and set our sights on the next! To me, this is just plain stupid. And what it has to do with the Gospel I can’t imagine. Jesus comes to my mind, saying to the Pharisees, “You whited sepulchures (i.e., empty tombs full of deadness)! You load burdens on peoples’ shoulders and you do nothing to help them bear them.”

What Christianity needs is a crash course in Living. Look, I could organize such a course that would be about 3 months long and would prepare people in the “spiritual” principles for understanding, coping with, and being successful in Life. And I’d be happy to “coach” or mentor them online for a modest fee!

Anyway, Boris makes the point: Life is for Living, not for Preparing. I rather suspect that loads of people get to the end – and it can happen suddenly! – and feel they never even got started.

Anyone remember the old hymn (though I don’t care for the imagery), “Fight the good fight with all thy might”? And the line in it, “Lay hold on Life, and it shall be / Thy joy and crown eternally”?

Lay hold on Life ASAP. You only need a few basic tools to be reasonably prepared. If you need a supporting hand, email me!


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