Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, February 7, 2013


Actually, after all the serious illness and all the surgeries I’ve been through since my aortic heart valve replacement in 2002, I am constantly amazed that I’m still alive. I’ve also drunk the poison for decades … held tight the anger over homophobia, as I’ve experienced it personally and in the World at large. Some of you will perhaps remember some of that anger seeping through in various ways.

I think I’m still alive because the Life Force has an innate persistency … a built in determination to help us “get it”. Or, to put it in the language of my faith journey, God loves me unconditionally, and keeps giving me opportunities to “get it”. I think it’s working … finally! Though it will, I think, be a life-long effort!

If we drink the poison, we’ll “die” … in some way. Living will be curtailed, limited. Our contribution to Life diminished. We need to learn to avoid poisons. One way is, always forgive yourself and others.

Good luck … or, work hard … whichever … probably both.


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