Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Monday, March 15, 2010

Everything around you is brimming with aliveness.
You are not alone. You are always surrounded by family.
“All the tress”, taught the ancient rabbis, “converse with
one another and with all living beings.”

Midrash B’reisbis Tabbah 13:2.

Even the planets and starts have their own songs.

Sefer Ha’Zohar, Vol 1, folio 231b

At this stage in my Life, I experience this. I sense the “aliveness”. And I experience the not-being-alone. Now, at age almost 64, I feel merged and connected with everything that IS. Including the “God” who said “I AM WHO I AM”.

And I actually think of it all as “family”. I really do sense that the whole of what’s around me is talking to each other …. and they desperately want to include me! Not a problem! This is want I have wanted for a very long time.

Alienation from Life is a killing thing. I have to say that all my Life I have understood this connection, felt it to the very depths of my physical and emotional and psychic and “spiritual” Life. But it took a long time to grasp this in my Being. I no longer have any sense of distance ….. or the need to reject it in any way. Rather, I want to “proclaim it from the housetops”.

I experience a deep bonding with all the people I have served as a priest. Especially with those who resonated to my vision of Unity with God and all Things. As I reflect on them, I find a deep Joy in my Core. It makes me understand the deep Blessedness I was “called to”.

“You are not alone”. May this truth posses you, and lead you to your Highest Destiny.


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