Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Every human should tend very compassionately to the flesh
of their body in order to be able to share with it all the dimen-
sions of enlightenment and visions of which the soul is
capable, for the body, too, is capable of such perception. Do
not hide your eyes from having mercy upon your flesh, that
is the flesh of your body. You must have much compassion
for your body. See to it that you purify your body so that it
can become conscious of all the enlightenment and visions
that the soul perceives.

Rabbi Nachmon of Breslav, in Likuttei Ha’MMaHaRaN 2:5-7
18th Century

There’s entirely too much “dualism” in human thinking about the “body” and the “spirit” (or soul). The bottom line: we human beings are One, a unity. Everything we are is necessary for our existence, our living.

If you are tempted to think that the material body inhibits your journey to the richest, deepest experience of Life, put it out of your mind. Nothing would be possible for us without the body. Magnificent, complex, intricate, brilliant, fragile, mortal, subject to injury and decay – all true. But the Body, through it’s miracle of air and electricity and chemistry and fluid makes it possible for the mysterious Force that is Life to happen.

Sweetly tend to your Body today! Honour it! Understand its needs and graciously and lovingly meet those needs. In turn, it will allow you to experience the amazing fullness of Life! Honour your Body, and it will reveal to you startling things! On your Body depends every other aspect of Being Alive.


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