Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brian’s Reflection: Sunday, April 8, 2012
[ Easter Day in the Christian Kalendar ]

… life is not properly measured in significance by length,
but by depth.
If the grass withers -- which it most certainly does –
and if the people surely is grass –
which we most certainly are,
the key to freedom is to embrace that knowledge and then,
like Dr. King, to find each day an amazing gift,
however grim may be its immediate prospects.

The Rev. Fr. Harry Cook, a most valued colleague & friend

The Mystery of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection gifts us … all human beings … with one thing: LIFE.

Is this not what any divine message should be about?

“God” can’t be anything but about Life. Life is the force at the center of it all.

Set aside all mind-games. Put in context what the preachers may say today … even perhaps those preachers among us who are grounded in Compassion. Listen to your own deepest longings for Life … they were put there by Life Itself.

The simple reality is this: We are made to Live. All Scripture is about Living.

Worship nothing that does not unconditionally give Life anchored in Compassion, Justice, Kindness, Understanding, and above all Love.

Christ’s Death and Resurrection is about “laying hold on Life”.

Let us fail not. Our lives depend on it ... as does the Life of the whole Human Community.

Christ is Risen. And we rise with Him.


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