Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brian’s Reflection: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In any country there must be people who have to die.
They are the sacrifices any nation has to make
to achieve law and order.

Guess Who?

Is that so? What do you think? Are there people who must die in order for “law and order” to be preserved? Does such a destiny seem like the teachings of the Christ or of the Prophet, intelligently interpreted when freed from the human accretions? And do we think that this man is truly living by his religious background ~ he was a Muslim ~ or is he just using his own perversion of his religion to back up his own selfish political power-seeking agenda?

Is “law and order” more important than anything else? Is it “legitimate “ to kill people to preserve power, however just you think your concept of society? What other questions does this raise up for you about being a person and living in this World together?

The frightening thing about this quote is that is so often used in this World by politicians and by those who claim to know Jesus and to know what America “is” ~ including in America today. “Kill those abortion providers; it is necessary to preserve ‘law and order’ ” and uphold “American values”.

Who said these words? A man who murdered countless of his countrymen and women. And who, when deposed, was shamefully allowed by America and others to live in luxury on the Core d’Azure until his death.

Idi Amin.

- on this date, 1979, he was deposed as president of Uganda as rebels and exiles backed by Tanzanian forces seized control of the capital, Kampala.

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