Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brian’s Reflection: Monday, November 10, 2008

Deeper and bolder truths be careful, my friends, of avowing;
For as soon as ye do all the world on ye will fall.

- Friedrich von Schiller, poet, born on this day, 1759

Hmmm. Now I know why Jesus warned His followers that they would be persecuted. President-elect Obama is going to have the same problem. Jesus was crucified. Many who voted for Obama will likely be calling for the same fate for him when they realize that he isn’t going to fulfill his hopes without ….. them! No magic bullet here, dear World.

I have often quoted Joseph Campbell, the guru of Myth’s Mysteries, who said when asked what the most difficult thing Jesus said in the Gospel was said, “Love your enemies”. That includes those we think are our enemies. And we forget that often, we are our own worst enemies. If one is following a “deep and bold truth”, there may indeed be others out to get us ….. but we had better remember that we just might do ourselves in by being stupid, by not thinking through the situation, understanding our goal, and proceeding with, well, reasoned Love on all levels.

America is a “deep and bold truth” - like the Kingdom of God ….. though I am not equating them! The time has come again to avow it. To retrieve the vision. To understand what constitutes it. And, like all who believe in the power of radical unconditional Love as the foundation of Truth, anticipate the “World” falling, and together push it back.

[ I’m Brian McHugh, and I approve this message. ]


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