Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brian’s Reflection: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The world is not yet redeemed.

Isaac Mayer Wise, Bohemian-
born American rabbi; he founded
Reformed congregations. He was
born on this date, 1819.

Nor, I think, will it ever be. Redemption is not an “end”; it is an ongoing process.

What is Redemption? Well, no point in going on about Christian ideas involving sin and “salvation” by the blood-sacrifice of Jesus (an odious doctrine, by the way). Mayer was a Jew. I am drawn to the idea of “redemption” in the Law, or in Commerce. Redemption is the way by which a property that has been mortgaged is liberated and taken back, upon performance of the terms or conditions on which it was conveyed. It speaks to having become alienated from one’s Home, and finally finding a way to return Home.

My thought today is this: We Human Beings are a part of this amazing thing called Life. And in many ways we know ~ unless we have had the misfortune to live completely in times or places of great darkness ~ how exquisitely beautiful and deeply satisfying it can be. Countless wise people have tried to show us the Path to living Life and, if we have mortgaged it away, how to “liberate” it and come back Home.

The forces mitigating against our Homecoming are powerful and often diabolically subtle. I think you know the List; it includes the mortgaged Self and its way of Selfishness. Compassion is the chief “cure”.

Redemption, Homecoming, is a daily process. And it requires mindfulness.

As a friend’s answering machine says, “Hi. You know what to do”.

A little message from Life.


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