Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011: THe Rapture

Well: Come and Gone. The Rapture, I mean. Lots of people apparently gave up everything, jobs, etc - and now what? Here in Assisi, as far as I can tell, the impending "Rapture" or the "Second Coming", was ignored. The busses and the pilgrims came to the lovely Basilica, looked at the wonderful paintings, lit candles, and went on their way.

A friend of mine says that our "approach" to those who took the whole business seriously should ..... kindness. I agree.

But I have this to say. Jesus is reporteds to have wisely said that of many things about Life, "No one knows but the Father". One of the main implications of this is, "Get on with Life." There is no easy fix, like denial or avoidance or escape. Life is to be lived ..... and thinking that if it gets too hard or demanding we can just ask or expect God to absolve us of all responsibility is just plain Wishful Thinking.

"Rapture" is a given of a Life fully engaged in.

Give it a try!


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