Monday, June 13, 2011

Brian’s Reflection: Monday, June 13, 2011

There are few things worse than people using religion and the
Bible as an excuse to denounce, curse or hurt another person.
Speaking and acting in this way shows a complete misunderstanding
of the purpose of religion, God and the Bible. .. the purpose of religion
as we know it is to enable an individual’s transformation from selfishness
& ego to a new nature of sharing & compassion. That’s it. The Bible and
all its teachings are only a means to assist this transformation.

Michael Berg

Dennis and I had a wonderful time in Umbria. A quiet farm just outside of Assisi with a lovely apartment (including a little fireplace) to rest and cook in. A unique little Fiat “Cinquecentro” (which, and we should learn from this, shuts off the engine when you stop, and automatically starts when you put your foot on the gas!) to drive the charming back roads of Umbria through little villages, finding little ristoranti for lovely lunches. San Damiano was a quiet place to sit and meditate, as was the garden at home. A perfect relaxing time! I lit more candles for lots of folk before more glass-encased saints – my favourite being San Ubaldo (Bishop of Gubbio) way on the top of a mountain that was reached by a ski-life device with little cages two people could stand in – and of course there was the ubiquitous “bar” at the top with good food and wine!

I have said it before and will say again: the principle thing that divides Christians denominations is how to understand and “interpret” the nature of the Bible. How is it “God’s Word”, how was it composed, how is it to be “used” by us. I am with Michael Berg. It is blasphemous to use it to “denounce, curse, or hurt other people”. To do so is, I believe, to deny and reject the spirit of the Christ and His Gospel.

God calls us from “selfishness and ego to a new nature of sharing and compassion”.

This is, I believe, Godly Life ….. and truly human life.

Thanks to all (47 of you) who asked me to light a candle and pray for you and your concerns. It was my privilege.


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