Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, May 1, 2008

Deep songs don't come from the surface;
they come from the deep down. The poetry
and the songs that you are supposed to write,
I believe are in your heart.

- Judy Collins, songwriter, poet, lovely
human being, born on this day, 1939

The older I get, the more I understand that we create What Is. I think that doing this is essential to becoming who we are. The older I get, the more I sense that there is no truth “out there” that gets imposed on us and makes us a person. It has to come from “the deep down”. The more I experience, meditate on it (wisdom doesn’t come automatically with age!), I understand that the song we are supposed to write is there, deep down. It is unique. To sing the song, we have to find the Deep Down. Ourself, the “god/ess (both) within”.

There is no cookie cutter for a person. We seem to find this hard to deal with, and with what it implies. It’s easier to organize people into stereotypes and assign defined boxes to live in – and stay in! Easier to try and “control” others. I must say it doesn’t seem to work very well, certainly not if we are looking for “security”, peace, etc.

I think it is our Life work to find our song and sing it to the World. It’s hard work, given the fear of “the other” we are plagued by. It is equally essential to our Becoming to listen for the Song in each other. To help each other to sing. There, I think, lies the Life we all desire.


p.s. Today in the Christian calendar is Ascension Day. Like Christ, each of us must regularly leave temporary places and return to the Heart of Being.

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