Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, July 3, 2008

There is a communion of more than our bodies
when bread is broken and wine drunk.

- M.F.K. Fisher, goddess of food, author,
born on this day, 1908, in California

Her many books sit on my shelf, and I have read them on and off almost weekly over many years. I particularly love “The Art of Eating”. And I have another connection with her. I love Laguna Beach. And her father used to take the family to camp on the hills for the summer in Laguna – how I wish the world were still such!!

Bread and wine are eternal metaphors of life and connection. Jesus or course used them (as have other great teachers and deities, and the Israelites) to gather His friends and to Remember, to make present. Certainly most of us remember Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, and the people we loved remain present to us in metaphorical bread and wine.

I have travelled a lot. The times I remember most are around a meal. I close my eyes, and immediately a three-decker server filled with ice and topped with luscious oysters and mussels and other seafood in a little Paris restaurant with friends on our way to Madagascar shimmers in front of me. Or a meal in Mary Korvah’s house in Bolahun, Liberia. And of course Eucharists in thousands of places from Brazilian slums to Westminster Abbey.

May you have many meals together, with friends old and new, family, communities of faith, the Deity. On many a day may they rise in your heart, and sustain you.


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