Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brian’s Reflection: Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All mankind is divided into three classes:
those that are immovable,
those that are movable,
and those that move.

- Ben Franklin, who, on this day, 1731,
established the first circulating library.

What a morning! Lovely in Santa Maria CA. But it is amazing to me how much there is to fill the day in “retirement”!! On top of it all, the new vertical blinds have been delivered, and one box is so long I can’t even begin to think how I will get it into the house! And I’m just getting to the Reflection – but that’s because I am a distracted multi-tasker, always have been and probably always will be! (Some would call it scatter-brained.) Might as well accept it!

So - which are you?? Of Ben’s “classes”, I mean? I suppose we are all a bit of each, with one that tends to dominate? In terms of Life and relationships and relationship to God, I think you can’t be immoveable. It’s a dead-end. We have to be moveable. Jesus was always saddened by immovables, and encouraged movables. How often did He say, “Moses” (meaning the sacred texts) may have said this, but I am telling you ….. . Life is all about growing, expanding. I was thinking about this when I heard on the BBC this morning that 1300 Church of England clergy say they will leave the church if they ordain women bishops. I tell you: the status quo when it comes to our understanding of God will kill you!

The real challenge, of course, is to move! Getting off the dime. It’s one thing to think that it’s necessary to die with Christ in order that we might live in Christ, and another to get on with it! And I think that’s true with almost everything. That’s why Faith is useless unless actualized.

So: let’s get a move on!


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