Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brian’s Reflection: Friday, Oct 3, 2008

I want my flowers while I'm alive.

- Chubby Checker, born on this day, 1941

And we should all have them! Flowers while I am alive. I propose a “new” cultural tradition. Well, maybe an old one too. Birthdays. But birthday celebrations should be specifically a day of Flowers While I Am Alive. Every year. We all need them! We should have, like the Hobbits, several birthday celebrations during the year. And on those days, we will tell the Birthday Girl/Boy how FABULOUS they are! Not lying, of course. And there are other appropriate times when we should tell each other, in love, the “hard” things we need to hear in order not to go “off the track”.

But. The most important thing we all need to know as human beings is that we deserve flowers for keeping on keeping on. This human things ain’t easy. We all deserve friends who remind us how loved we are. This helps us to strive to be our best.

Who’s birthday is it - or, even if it isn’t their birthday - today or tomorrow? Send them metaphorical Flowers – there is no other better thing that we can do for those we care about.

God does it every nano-second - at least the “God” I know!


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