Monday, October 18, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To the Grasshopper and the Cricket

Green little vaulter in the sunny grass,
Catching your heart up at the feel of June,
Sole voice that's heard amidst the lazy noon,
When even the bees lag at the summoning brass;
And you, warm little housekeeper, who class
With those who think the candles come too soon,
Loving the fire, and with your tricksome tune
Nick the glad silent moments as they pass;
Oh sweet and tiny cousins, that belong
One to the fields, the other to the hearth,
Both have your sunshine; both, though small, are strong
At your clear hearts; and both were sent on earth
To sing in thoughtful ears this natural song:
Indoors and out, summer and winter,--Mirth.

Leigh Hunt, English poet; born on this date,
1784, in Southgate, London

Last night, I accidently tipped over my glass of wine. It drenched my mobile phone. And a couple of books. I became ….. enraged! I carried on like a banshee! My rage at everything came pouring out: at myself, at the World, at Religion, at tribalism, at every damn thing I could think of. I thought that Dennis was terrified that he was going to have to call the Loony Squad. But ….. at least I got it all out of my system. Still: I am so very fed up with human beings.

Someone once wrote that music hath charm to sooth the savage beast. True. But I think this charming first line of dear Leigh Hunt’s sonnet I’ll keep in my wallet for such moments as last night’s.

Pray for Mirth to sweep over the World!! Pray for every human being to be given the gift of the discernment of every idiotic, dehumanizing, excluding, hateful, fearful, ignorant metaphorical Tea-bagger buffoonery throughout the World ….. and inundate us with a fit of tsunami-like Mirth that restores our Humanity and our Compassion and our delight in each other.



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