Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Monday, December 27, 2010

If there is a supreme being, he's crazy.

Marlene Dietrich, actress, singer, enter-
tainer, beautiful; she was born on this date,
1901, in Berlin.

I’ve been doing these Reflections now for over 5 years. And the more quotes I use, the more I realize that it isn’t easy to find out if the person really said it or not. Perhaps I should always say “attributed to”?? Anyway, I’ll probably hear from someone who thinks Ms. Dietrich didn’t say it; I often do hear from people when they disagree! Anyway, as I have often said, I very often use a quote for my own purpose ….. so I suppose it really doesn’t matter if it was wrongly attributed!

I’ve been to many places in the World. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere where there is a popular picture of God that is as “crazy” as in America. I actually don’t think that this understanding of God is held by the majority of Americans ….. but you wouldn’t know it from the media. I won’t produce a long list of these crazy characteristics; I think you get my point. Suffice it to say that the God portrayed in the “Left Behind” book series (which have sold gazillions) says it all. I hope I die sooner that the authors, so I can be standing at the Pearly Gates to hear what Peter has to say – though I’m sure St. Peter will be gentlemanly, and …… who knows, Marlene might be standing next to him, since she is alleged to have said, “I am at heart a gentleman”.

A plea: could some kind rich soul please give me a billion or two dollars? I’d like to make a retirement career of trying to countermand the concept of the Crazy Supreme Being. I promise not to turn into a weeping televangelist with 42 Rolls Royces, really. But until someone does, could all of us who don’t have a crazy view of the Supreme Being just do a little something now and then, by word or deed, to project a better more accurate understanding?

The Blessed Trinity ….. and I ….. would be most grateful.


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