Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christ, symbolizing Life and Light.

There is no handle outside;

We must invite Life in.

[ painting by William Hollum Hunt ]

Brian’s Reflection: Friday, December 24, 2010

Eve of the Incarnation: A Greeting

Who stands at my door in the storm and rain

On the threshold of being?

One who waits till you call him in

From the empty night.


Are you a stranger, out in the storm,

Or has my enemy found me out

On the edge of bring?


I am no stranger who stands at the door

Nor enemy come in the secret night,

I am your child, in darkness and fear

On the verge of being

from “Incarnation”, poem 3,

by Kathleen Raine

Life offers Itself to us all

moment by moment.

On this night of the deepest Mystery

Life comes to stand at our door,

no stranger,

certainly no enemy,

saying “I am your child”.

We both are One.

This sacred night,

invite him in … forever.

Brian & Dennis

Christian Feast of the Incarnation 2010

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