Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brian’s Reflection: The Weekend, Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Beatitudes

Jesus of Capernuam

[ You can read The Batitudes here: ]

Ah. The Beatitudes. Well, I’m off the hook ….. to be “original” that is. And someone wise once said that no one these days has any original thought. But: some so express them very creatively and very concisely. Thank God!

Here’s what (Episcopal priest) Cynthia Bourgeault has to say in her book “The Wisdom Jesus”. The Beatitudes are all about our transformation into identity with The Christ – i.e., becoming Fully Human.

“Poor in Spirit”. ….. “describes an inner attitude of receptivity and openness, and one is blessed by it because only in this state is it possible to receive anything”.

“Those who mourn”. It’s about ….. “vulnerability and flow”. She says, “To mourn is to touch directly the substance of Divine compassion.”

“The meek”. Or, the “gentle”. Blessed are those who have “tamed the wild animal energy within them, the passions and compulsions of our lower nature (note: I don’t like at all that word “lower”!)”

“Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness”. “In this ….. Jesus is not talking about doing virtuous deeds so that you will be rewarded later; he is talking about being in connectedness without fundamental yearnig” … i.e., to be anchored in God’s own Aliveness.”

“Blessed are the Merciful.” “It’s all about exchange ….. exchange is the very nature of divine life ….. and all things share in the divine life through the dance of giving and receiving” of Love.

“Pure in Heart”. In Wisdom teaching , “purity means Singleness, and the proper translation is really ‘Blessed are those whose heart is not divided’, is ‘a unified whole’ …. “cleansing the lens of perception”.

Intriguing? It sure is. Ponder this before you go to worship tomorrow!


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