Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, June 16, 2011

If the eye of the heart is open, in each
atom there will be one hundred secrets.


I’m not drawn to say much. I just really like the quote! It makes me think about the Wonder of being a person, of the mystery of the vast inner universe to which the vast and beguiling visible Universe points.

I always understood and valued the deep reverence that “high church” worship instilled in me, focused as it was on reverence for the Eucharistic Body and Blood of the Christ, honouring the “one hundred secrets” of each atom of the bread and wine hidden in the simple elements. I always wished that more attention was paid to making the connection with the Human Person, to the honour and deep reverence due every person, understood as a manifestation of God. Without that connection, it seemed more magic than Mystery.

I don’t know what the World’s religions are teaching these days but, looking about, I think they have most of them lost their way, captured and seduced by shallow desires. And it shows - in the shocking disrespect for each other.

Perhaps today we could focus on seeing that our “eye of the heart” is open.


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