Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brian’s Reflection: Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I think that making love is the best form of exercise.

Archibald Leach; he was born on this day, 1904,
at Bristol, England.

I agree! When I go for my daily 1/7 mile walk, I apparently work off about 150 calories or more ….. I walk at a pretty brisk rate. I read somewhere that a vigorous “bout” of love-making works off about 150 calories. I vote for the latter.

Mr. Leach was either Gay or Bisexual. So say most of his friends and biographers. He lived with the actor Randolph Scott for 12 years. Stories abound.

“Making Love” is absolutely the best form of exercise towards being a wholesome, healthy human being. For the Body, yes; it helps ….. and is FUN. But much more importantly, for the Spirit, for the Mind, for the Heart. The message of Jesus, of the Gospel, is that if we do not love, we “wither and decay” … on every level. Like everything that humans do, “making love” physically is a sacramental symbol: it points to the truth that loving oneself, “God”, and one’s “neighbour” enhances Life. Not loving shrivels us.

Dare I suggest that one should make physical love with one’s Beloved (which engages of course many other levels) often ….. and then extend it to a deep loving of all human beings, and then further extend it to affirming and honouring every human being whom one is privileged to encounter in Life?



Archibald Leach?? Google him!

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