Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brian’s Reflection: Monday, February 6, 2012

I don't stand for the black man's side,
I don' t stand for the white man's side.
I stand for God's side.

Bob Marley, fabulous artist; he was born
on this date, 1945 (a year BEFORE me!)
in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica.

I have no idea what Bob Marley thought represented “God’s side”. But, as I have often said, it really doesn’t matter to me; I use his words as a jumping off point.

The bottom line is: God’s side … if we are talking about God as reflected by Jesus … is “Love one another as I have loved you”. Period. So it follows that the primary life-work of a Christian is to plumb the depths of the meaning of Love. I suggest re-reading the apostle Paul’s word’s about Love; Google it! [1st Corinthians]

Religious folk are at a crux (if I may use the word) of decision today. At least, I personally think so. And I do think so, because for me it speaks to the success or failure of Jesus’ message ….. and to the drawing of all people into the Peaceable Kingdom.

Let me put it simply: either we can continue to think that our “job” as Christians is to lead people to a submission to the person of the Biblical Jesus; or, we can become practitioners of Jesus’ radical Love and, by doing so, draw people to the Path of radical Love and Compassion. [ Our preacher this morning emphasized the demand to be Lovers in the path of Jesus.] My observation is that following the former path has been unsuccessful. We are not called, as Christians, to be recruiters for a religious institution. We are called to be Lovers to the full extent that Jesus was a Lover ….. giving up His life as a witness of God’s Unconditional Love.

My deepest prayer and hope is that the human community can be One, under the umbrella of Divine Love. Jesus prayed passionately for this. I am absolutely convinced – because of my prayerful encounter with Him - that Jesus had NO interest in forcing the human race into one religious sect, dangling the carrot in “salvation” before them. That was the goal of followers who misunderstood Him. All Jesus was interested in was that we should be molded into the Community of Unconditional Love.

“God’s Side” is Compassion. “God’s Side” is to love our neighbour as ourself. “God’s side” is to break down all barriers between ourself and all of God’s children, to love them and to desire for them the fullness of Life He promised … not just to followers of Jesus, but to every single human being.

This is something to which I can give my Life.


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