Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'll let the racket do the talking.

John McEnroe, “bad boy” of tennis;
he was born on this date, 1959

His tennis racquet was his “instrument”, by which John showed his best self (though he could be very unpleasant), and his ability to do his best, exercising the gifts and skills he had been given.

McEnroe was known around the World for his anger, hostility, bitchiness, lack of control ….. and brilliance at his craft.

So, here’s how it pans out for us.

Our instrument, our “racquet”, our unique Being … Who We Are. It is how we “do our talking”.

What’s lurking behind the “racquet” can be troublesome. It can, badly employed, wreck everything.

But spiritually, our “racquet” is the mystery of the connection we have with the force that lies behind the existence of all Being. All Religion, all Philosophy, is about learning how to merge with this Power, and how then to let that Power lead us into Life.

I have finally discovered that Power. It is far beyond the puniness of what we, through lifeless systems of “belief”, have put in its place.

All Religions, however vivid they may be, are but a pale reflection of the Path that leads us to Union with the Divine …. to our Wholeness.

Most Religions have degenerated into pale ghosts of Guides to the Path of the Divine. Why? Because we Seekers have capitulated.

I say: Take hold of your destiny. Be a Christ. Transform your spiritual community, from a pawn of the secular to a witness of the Cosmic Christ. Let your "racquet" - your superb humanity - do the talking.


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