Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, March 22, 2012

If it's true that we are here to help others, then
what exactly are the others here for?

The Inimitable …Maxine!!

The “Others”? Simple, right? I have no idea who “writes” Maxine … but she or he has got her/his shit together, mythologically speaking … and psychologically speaking.

“The Other” is that hidden aspect of the Being of each of us. I have a sticker on my car back window. It’s of Eric Cartman, of “South Park”. Eric is, I recognize, my Alter Ego, my Dark Side. Not that I “act out” of my Alter Ego most of the time (I suppose I’m lucky … or it may be that I have “spiritually worked” at this!) – but I easily recognize it. I keep a sticker of him on the back window of my car … just so I don’t forget that I and everyone else has an “Eric Cartman” lurking in our Psyche. … and denying this points to psychological delusion. Bottom line: Everyone Sins!

You get this, in terms of Maturing – of Evolving ----- right? “The Others” are here to remind us that we need to tend to our Selves, to our inner Reality. It’s so easy to blame, to load the responsibility for our anti-social, destructive behaviour on “the others”.

We need to listen to Maxine.

We are here to help others … and the “others” is, as Pogo said, Us.

First task: Heal our Selves. Then there are “no others”. There are only as Jesus made clear, Us.


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