Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, March 29, 12

I, small and mortal in this world,
I see the Creator of the World within me
and I know that I can never die
because I am within all life
and all of life wells up in me.


Here’s the challenge I see for us here in these words ~ first, How do we understand who we are? Are we just individual, unattached entities in the vastness of the human race and of the Universe, or are we utterly connected and integral with the All?, and, secondly, How do we as mortal beings, get free to Live Fully?

My own Life experience has led me to embrace that there is infinite value in our “individuality”, and that we are one with the One. We are “complete” in our individuality … but we are not imprisoned by it. Once we embrace (and live in) the reality that the Creator of the World is “within me”, and that we are “within all life”, we are can grasp the possibility that “I can never die”.

I think that this is the core Truth in the paradigm of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. “To give one’s life in love for God and the whole World” as Jesus did means to know that “all life wells up in me” and that “I can never die”. That’s what frees us to live. Read the wisdom of the ages; most will say in some form that if we “die to Self” we will transcend the power of Death.

What is the path?

Of course, it’s Love.

Our prime work in Life is, I think, to walk that Path.


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