Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be assured, I believe the Bible to be the Word of God - but not the "words" of God.
That is, I do not believe that the Bible was dictated by God
and written down by scribes of one sort or another,
unmediated by the scribes' own life experiences, culture, religious belief and context.

Bishop Gene Robinson, Episcopal bishop of the
diocese of New Hampshire (and seminary classmate of mine);
he was elected by the people of New Hampshire on this date, 2003

+Gene is a lovely, kind, articulate, brave, bright, humble, loving man. I was at seminary with Gene. He was “sexually confused” then … by which I mean, he had been repressed by his upbringing. He married a woman, had children … and then he and his wife amically separated when it was clear to them that he was Gay. He was the Canon to the Ordinary in the diocese of NH for many years… and the people loved him … enough to elect him their bishop … knowing full well the controversy that would ensue. Despicably, right-wing opponents opposed him, lying bald-faced about him. But he was confirmed … and he and his husband Mark have been fine examples of Christian life and leadership since this date. He will retire in 2013 … and I hope that +Gene and Mark have many opportunities to enjoy the company of the many Christians who live in freedom from either the tyranny of literalist Biblicists or those trapped by a vision of the love of God that does not live up to the radical Divine Love that is represented in the Cross.

The Bible, like all Scriptures, is a product of human minds, in which the subtle working of the Mystery of Love – which is the foundational principle of Life’s meaning – can be discerned. In essence, the Message of the Bible is:  God is Love, You are a creature of  Love, Live in Love … on this Path will you find your Bliss (as Joseph Campbell might have said).

Go for it. And: Thank You Gene for your loving witness to the true meaning of Jesus of Nazareth.


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