Monday, June 25, 2012

Brian’s Reflection: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I am a woman, and therefore it cannot be considered
                    that I would ever be concerned in such practices.

Mother Clapp; she was born on this
date, 1670, in England

You surely just have to smile, if not giggle … you really do!

Mother Clapp was a bath house madam. Actually, no one really knows her birth date, or her real name. In 1726, she was indicted for keeping a "disorderly house" where some 50 men were found making love, "kissing in a lewd manner and using hands indecently."

Mother Clapp made a great – and acceptable – defense. Women certainly wouldn’t be involved in such things, Heaven forfend! This is the classic “ostrich with head buried in sand” wisdom. And, since Queen Victoria in the 19th C couldn’t possibly imagine what lesbians could do sexually, there have been no laws against their doing so … to this day, I believe.

“Make Love, not War”. I’m in favor of that … and I think that God is too !

I proclaim today “Let Everyone Love the Way They Like” Day. Spend the day being delighted in the people who want to Make Love, Not War. Thank everyone you know who’s a Lover of their fellow human beings.

And here’s a chuckle … and some wisdom … from the New Yorker:

Happy Pride Month to all Gayfolk, all their allies! I’m sure Mother Clapp would join me!


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