Friday, June 6, 2008

Brian’s Reflection: Saturday, June 7, 2007

It is the eye of ignorance that assigns a fixed
and unchangeable color to every object; beware
of this stumbling block.

There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity.
In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite.

- Paul Gauguin, artist, born on this day, 1848

Well, I had to choose both quotes. I address the second first. Bigotry has taken over American society. “The least cultivated taste has the largest appetite.” I’m not being a snob. All of us have “lower” and “higher” tastes. We live in a culture that deliberately directs us to the “lower” tastes. Because that’s the way that those who want to control us (read: Government, politicians, worshippers of Mamon) manipulate us. Smart people. And we, suckers that we are, buy it. Or - is it because our spiritual Life is bankrupt, and we have abrogated our God-given freedom?? You betch’a. And God does not approve, say I, pretentiously “speaking” for God.

Jesus’ final gift to us was the Holy Spirit. We don’t “like” the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit is Wild. Uncontrollable. Unmanageable. The Holy Spirit “leads us into all Truth”. Unflinchingly. Without fear. The Holy Spirit can’t be bought. When we give evidence of succumbing to absurdity, the Holy Spirit smacks us up the side of the head. “Get a grip! Listen to the Living Word of Life!”

Artists know the Truth. Our fearful minds want to wallow in the false security of “unchangeable colour”. But the artist screams “Beware!”. There lies bitterness and stagnation and pettiness and self-destruction. “Learn! shouts the artist. None of us is fully human. There is a Journey to make. The Christ calls us to it. We are not listening. And the World is going to Hell in a handbasket.

Time to Evolve. Time to pay attention to the Voice Within that tells us plainly what we need to have Peace and Joy and Justice and Understanding.

There is no one else to “blame” but ourselves for our misery. Certainly not God.

Time to change. At the least, it is only self-interest. At best, respect for the potential of them human community.


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