Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brian’s Reflection: Monday, June 30, 2008

Each and every human person is a manifestation of the holy energy
at the core of all life. Every human being is a sacrament of that Holy
Mystery - if I may use a venerable Anglican phrase, an outward and visible
sign of an inward and spiritual grace. Every person, irrespective of the
particular configuration or manifestation of their sexuality or any
other characteristic, is a unique, beautiful, sacred Being. God does
not disown or reject any person, for God cannot disown or reject Herself.

- Brian McHugh+, preaching at the Interfaith service at the beginning of
Gay Pride Week on the Central Coast of CA, San Luis Obispo, 2008

Yes you are. A sacrament of Divine Love. Freed by Grace to live fully and unhindered.

Fr. Dominic Crossan says, “Justification is the actualization and realization of Grace” (paraphrased). We must, in other words, make our faith real by practicing our utter trust in God’s freely given gift of freedom, of “salvation”, participating in God’s life of Compassion and Justice and Peace.

Let’s live it. Let’s make it real, every day!


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