Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, June 5, 2008

As I have not worried to be born,
I do not worry to die.

- Federico Garcia Lorca, poet, author,
born on this day, 1898, in Fuente Vaqueros,
Granada, Spain

I hope this was true. Lorca was killed by the Franco Fascists at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, in a degrading way, as a homosexual.

It is hard not to worry. Jesus pointed out that worrying was a useless thing. But it is hard not to worry, not to be afraid, fear being at the base of worry. And it is hard not to worry about dying.

But most sensible religions and faiths have beautiful stories about what it’s like to die and to journey on into the next world. Oh, forget the Hell nonsense. God doesn’t send anyone to “Hell” to be punished horribly. “Hell” is choosing fear and hate (of self and others) and ugly power-posturing. It’s easy to know these things – we have plenty of examples in our World today, especially in the grasping, greedy, venal politicians who dominate the scene, as well as perverted religious types.

The Gospel is clear. God is Unconditional Love. Every time hate and fear raise their ugly heads, God is champing at the bit to smother it all with That Great Eternal Firehose of Compassion - if I may be permitted a flight into the language of another Christian language tradition!

We came into the World without worry, without anticipation. It was a great surprise. Lorca is wise: best to view the dying in the same light. If we can, it enhances Life immensely.


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