Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Friday, June 4, 2010

True freedom comes when every speck
of the Known collapses into the Unknown,
not just for a moment but continually.


Freedom is rarely if ever found in the status quo. The status quo – the “known” – is usually a trap, a prison, a death.

Oh, I know. We tend to feel that the status quo is security. In one shallow sense it may be. But Change is a given of Life. If we are not changing, not learning new things, we may feel secure - but we are not growing. And Growth is a necessity for human maturity, on every level.

What is “known” is indeed only a speck. A very distorted view of Reality. In order for the Big Picture to come into view, the Known has to collapse – every moment, every day, continually.

This is what the Holy Spirit is. She is the pusher off of the edge of the delusionary Known into the astonishing Unknown. She is the leader into All Truth.

And if we want to come to the fullness of our Humanity, we must invite, long for, desire being pushed.


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