Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We certify to you that he has satisfied the requirements of the
canons, and we believe him to be qualified for this order.

The Ordination of a priest – Book of Common Prayer

On this day, 37 years ago, I was ordained a priest in the Church – I was ordained for the Anglican Church of Canada by Bp. Hugh Stiff of the Diocese of Keewatin, while a member of the Order of the Holy Cross, and became a priest in the Episcopal Church when I became a parish priest in 1982. It is hard to imagine it was 37 years ago. I remember it as yesterday! It was in the beautiful, simple, St. Augustine’s Chapel, Holy Cross Monastery, West Park NY.

All my life I have had SO many questions. And that has not changed. In fact, my questioning has increased since I retired from full-time ministry over 2 years ago. The questioning is exciting! I feel that I am entering deeper into the Mystery of Being, of “God”.

To be honest, I feel that I was, am, qualified! I have felt in my being that I was called to be a priest since I was a little boy. But you know, being in a monastic order then, I “escaped” all the things that I would have had to go through as a diocesan priest. And I rather suspect that this was a “dispensation” from a loving God – I would have shocked too many people on a Commission on Ministry then! “God” works in mysterious ways.

What has been my criterion for judging my call? Simply this: if I have companioned anyone to a knowledge of an unconditionally loving, compassionate, affirming, welcoming God, I followed the “right” path. I am happy to say that many have had many confirmations!

On this day, I just want to thank all the many wonderful people who helped me on this path. I am deeply deeply grateful!


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