Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Friday, April 16, 2010

Sex is a momentary itch;
love never lets you go.

Sir Kingsley Amis, English novelist,
poet, critic; born on this date, 1922

Now: THAT’S the kind of love that Jesus – and the God I understand essential Christianity and Judaism proclaims - is all about! It never lets you go. (I can’t say about Islam; I haven’t lived it, and I don’t know people who have lived it for their whole lives. But to be honest: I don't have much evidence from its followers to see in Islam a God of Love.)

Sex is essentially human. It is bonding. It is fun. It is something that can create us as a creature who recognizes oneself in another human being – and carries us into a deeper understanding of our own humanity. It makes us more fully ourself.

“Love never lets you go.” That’s the nature of the “God” I “know”. And it’s what Life is about. Life never lets you go. Life is a great Mystery, a force that generates who we are.

But it takes an amazing transformation to make this Mystery real. Each of us must become one with “God”. Must understand that the love that “never lets us go” is OUR essential nature as well. And we must live it.