Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, April 15, 2010

The fact is that young people are going
to have sex whether you like it or not.

Emma Thompson, actress, born on this date, 1959

Ah. Emma in Angels in America. Superb. And Howard’s End. Elegant. She’s grand!

And, she’s right. “Young people are going to have sex whether you like it or not”. It’s normal, hormones are raging, and not dealing with this reality is simply stupid – or worse. And, trying to use “religion” or “morality” to deny and repress sex is idiotic and dumb.

America is, in my opinion, completely screwed up – on all levels these days. Theologically, politically, socially, morally. The Tea-baggers are the supreme symbol of our collapse – along with perhaps ridiculously so-called “Christian militias” intent on killing law enforcement officers in order to promulgate social insurrection.

Let me tell you: Jesus would NOT approve. I don’t give a shit what religious nuts in this country have to say. If you believe their insanity, you have been seduced. For God's sake, get a grip!

Let’s start dealing with the sexuality business upfront and honestly. It is part of being human. It is normal. It is something that young people need help negotiating – especially as they are having to deal with their sexual drives much earlier than it used to be. And their sexual orientation. Also: let’s encourage getting the Roman clergy out from under the imposition of celibacy. #1: Celibacy is NOT a “charism” (gift/grace) given to many and, #2: Gay men make GREAT pastors, especially if they are supported to lead a sacrificial life. Pope take note.

Sex is a basic, glorious given of being human. Anyone who doesn’t get this is simply as ass. We need to do all we can to grow healthy kids. They’re going to have sex whatever adults say. Let’s speak to them honestly. Honesty is what “God” is about.


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