Monday, April 19, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Luck: that's when preparation and opportunity meet.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau became PM of Canada on this date, 1968

Ever see a pic of Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada?? Here it is:

I was born in Montreal. Trudeau became PM the year after I left Canada to become a monk in the Order of the Holy Cross.

My brother Allan and his bride Sheila Parsons were married in July, 1971. Pierre had married his wife Margaret Sinclair that year in March. She was 22 – 30 years younger than Pierre. One wonders if this was a Princess Di Syndrome – what a thought to be the wife of the PM of Canada! They were divorced in 1984.

Anyway: I was at my brother and Sheila’s wedding – dressed in my monastic habit. Here’s the pic:

The fun thing this is: Sheila was wearing a version of the dress that Margaret Sinclair had worn at her wedding to the PM! And the fun thing is – I was the only one wearing a full-length white “dress” that day! Margaret Trudeau has worn a pant thingy – and so did Sheila – as did many Canadian women emulating the glamourous Margaret. It looked like a dress, but wasn’t. Ain’t Life interesting??!!

Religion is about Preparation and Opportunity. “God” can do nothing in anyone’s Life until we get off our duff and engage. “God” doesn’t manipulate – EVER! “God” stands ready always – ready to pour power and Love and Wisdom over us, into us, when we connect with our deepest reality.

Then we become Whole.


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