Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, April 29, 2010

A man is a god in ruins.

“Duke” [ Edward Kennedy] Ellington,
born on this date, 1899

The Duke would also have said, “A woman is a goddess in ruins”. Duke was talking about us all.

My dear friends Chris Cherney and Darby Dizard Cherney are full into the celebration of the Duke’s gracing Life. Chris has had a big part in organizing the celebration in Harlem, and Darby will sing so well! I met Duke’s granddaughter Mercedes Ellington some years ago at Chris’s birthday party. Her talent and gifts reflect Duke’s vibrancy and amazing talents.

I give thanks for Duke Ellington; he has graced American musical – and World - culture beyond measure.

His words call us to the Destiny of being fully human. Think of the most loving, compassionate, just, faithful, kind, generous Deity that any human community has created or imagined – and then ponder that as a vision for each of us as a human being. Oh, we will always show our darker side now and then; we’re human. But because we are human, we can choose the Light and walk that path. We’re all gods/goddesses “in ruins” – but that doesn’t change our reality.


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