Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Friday, July 23, 2010

Never think you've seen the last of anything.

Eudora Welty, author; she died on this date,
2001, age 92

Well, I guess I’m glad to have that bit of wisdom ….. though I’m not at all sure. At least there are two sides to it. I am desperately sick of the way the World is at the moment ….. bombings and killings and racism and religious extremism and political corruption and millions of refugees and people dying of hunger and disease, and militarism and drug-runners, and Swiss bank accounts stuffed with billions stolen by elected officials (including Americans, of course) ….. and on it goes. It is so depressing. So discouraging. So disgusting. It isn’t the last of it, either ….. and I suspect from History that it will go on forever.

But. There are indeed loving kind and generous and honourable people who are doing their best to care. The political and economic elites aren’t, alas, among them. And it crushes me to think that most often we have put them in their positions where they can exploit and enrich themselves. I look at the American Congress today and I am sickened by their flagrant self-serving and aggrandizement.

“Never think you’ve seen the last of anything” says Eudora. She’s right. It will get a lot worse.

Be kind, generous, loving, compassionate, thoughtful, caring. That’s what all the truly great teachers of the Soul tell us.

Better take a deep breath and live those principles. I hope Karma will eventually turn the tables. We can only be true to the Christos within us. And to those who share our hope.


p.s. I said that Rufus Wainright wrote many operas. I was mistaken. Apologies.

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