Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Monday, July 12, 2010

“God” is Life, and our
own life is God’s teacher.


After all these years, I think that this is what happens when we finally see beyond the “glass darkly” :

No matter how much we anthropomorphize God, God is the Mystery of Life. And what an amazing, beautiful, rich, mysterious, wondrous thing.

How much freedom and joy we know depends on how much we honour and embrace all Life offers, “good” or “bad”.

There is no Devil and there is no punishing God. Life contains every aspect of the human experience. Our choices determine what that experience is like.

Any religion worth its salt will teach us the Wisdom that makes Life a wondrous Journey. It will tell us that we never need be held prisoner by our failures, and how to be free to begin again forever.

No one else is responsible for our Life’s choices but ourselves. We must help each other learn this. Of course, we help each other on this Journey. We “bear each others’ burdens”.

All Life is interconnected. What one does affects us all, and will eventually show up on our lives in some way.

We do not need “redeeming” if that means being relieved of our Freedom and Responsibility. What we need is the constant reminder of our intimacy with Life, with “God”.

Life offers us Life at every step. That is the true meaning of Love. It is the highest gift we can offer each other.