Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let the little fairy in you fly!

Rufus Wainwright, composer,
musician; rock singer; opera composer;
born on this date, 1973, in Canada

Rufus is an amazing man! He is 37 today and, aside from his other music, he has written something like 27 operas, all of which have been performed. Phenomenal!

No “straight” man would say the words I’ve quoted, so you will know that Rufus is Gay. But I hope that everyone, including “straight” men, will hear the message.

“Little fairy” is a metaphor, of course. Fairies connote magic and whimsicality and charm and humour. So many human beings are repressed and ponderous and bound-up and up-tight. What a bore!

“Little Fairy” can also be a metaphor for the Holy Spirit”. Yes, really! Coming from who knows where, going who knows where. Sprightly.

The World, I think, would be a lot better place if all of our Little Fairies were flying! Open up your Inner Being today and let your Little Fairy fly!