Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brian’s Reflection: Monday, July 19, 2010

Self Realization is the knowing--in body, mind and soul--that we are
one with the omnipresence of God; that we do not have to pray that it
come to us, that we are not merely near it at all times, but that God's
omnipresence is our omnipresence; that we are just as much a part of
Him now as we ever will be. All we have to do is improve our knowing.

- Paramahansa Yogananda

Well, that is the issue of course. We are prone to be “spiritually” lazy. Or, we don’t recognize the seriousness of this improving our knowing.

Now, some people (like C. S. Lewis – “The Screwtape Letters”) have written – I hope anthropomorphically – that “the Devil” works to keep us lazy, to keep us distracted. And Distraction, Forgetfulness, are the major problems.

I don’t believe in “the Devil”. But I do believe that our human brains are busy busy busy! Lots of stuff going on. Easy to Forget what we are about. Easy to forget to keep things in perspective, in balance. We get to Doing, and forget Why.

“Why” is critical. That’s part of the “Mary-Martha” thing. Important to sustain the Vision, act out of the Vision.

PY is on the money. We hover on the balance of Self-Realization when we know our utter unity with the mystery of Life (It isn’t a She or He), and continuously “improve our knowing”.

Ah, to rest in that Balance!