Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brian’s Reflection: Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homosexuality is a population control plot by the
”Illuminati” (??) who want to whittle down the
World’s population from billions to millions.

The Democrat’s health care reform plan is a
population control effort for our “culture of

Baal is a supposed demonic god who lays
hold over homosexuality.

The Statue of Liberty is a “demonic idol” and
a “false goddess” created to turn Americans
away from God.

Dr. John Benefiel, of the Heartland Apostolic
Prayer Network, and endorsed supporter of
TX Governor Rick Perry. *

I finally get it! God is trying to lift our spirits! God is offering us Americans a chance to laugh in the midst of all the stress and strife we live under in a culture where Corporations have taken over rule of the country, the military budget is over a third of our national budget, 50 million people have no health coverage (one sixth of the population), countless millions of children live under the poverty level, and in a brilliant blaze of American morality, a religious leader shot and killed his 4 year old stepson because he thought he might be Gay.

I mean, what else would a rational, moral, sensible person do in the face of all this?? You have to laugh, whatever else you might feel called to do in response. Up until now, I’ve been letting outrage and disgust take me over. But I’m finally realizing that whatever else I do, I have to laugh at these weirdo nuts ….. otherwise I’ll go nuts!

So this is my new spiritual practice! First thing upon awakening, after a few short things I do to connect with the wonder of the Universe, I am going to picture these modern American crazies and certifiable (in by view) nuts and psychopaths in my mind ….. and I am going to laugh. Because that’s what they should be seen essentially as: laughable. And hopefully this will de-stress me and help me to get on with doing whatever I can do to counter their destructive effect on this beautiful country of ours.

Thanks God! You’re subtle, but You’re always working to set us free.


* As reported by The New Civil Rights Movement

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