Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brian’s Reflection: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don't take life too seriously.
You'll never get out alive.

Bugs Bunny; he made his debut
in the Warner Bros. animated
cartoon "A Wild Hare", on this
date, 1940 (Imagine! 71 years!)

Bugs. Very wise! Of course I used to watch him on our Westinghouse (or was it RCA?) black & white TV when I was a kid in Canada. Munching, note, on his healthy carrot! No Cheesy Poofs for Bugs!

Not taking Life too seriously is, of course, a paradox. The less seriously we take it, the more seriously we do, because we’ve fathomed one of those magical principles of Life. I’ve certainly seen that being able to laugh at the crazinesses and weirdnesses of people is the first step towards being liberated to love them - and it certainly changes how we “see” each other and respond to each other.

We may “default” - though why that should be a bad thing for a country that has to borrow over 14 trillion dollars just to manage is beyond me - people who owe a hundred thou on a house keep getting deprived of their homes, so why not the United States of America? (I know, I know: I OBVIOUSLY don’t understand world economics, right?)

So, each morning after Dennis brings me (bless his heart) my tea in bed, I listen to about 3 minutes (not more, or I get stoked up in anger) of way-too-serious politicians puffing out their ideological chests and acting like Wiley Coyote or Yosemite Sam, and chuckle. Then I get on with prepping myself to do my best to be a caring, thoughtful, compassionate person.

Financial default might just be a spiritual blessing in disguise! Carrots instead of Starbucks at $3.50 a pop and $5.00 muffins. Yum! I can already hear my intestines rumbling their roughaged thanks!


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